Unlocking the Value of the Cloud for Mid-size Enterprises

  • November 2, 2022 | Author:
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Organizations around the world are requiring new options for their next-generation computing environments. Mid-size organizations, in particular, are facing increasing pressure to deliver cost-effective, high-performance solutions within their hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI). Recent collaboration between Supermicro, Microsoft Azure and AMD, leveraging their collective technologies, has created a fresh approach that lets enterprises maintain performance at a lower operational cost while helping to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint in support of sustainability initiatives. This cost-effective, 1U system (a 2U version is available) offers both power, flexibility and modularity in large-scale GPU deployments.

The results of the collaboration combine the latest technologies, supporting multiple CPU, GPU, storage and networking options optimized to deliver uniquely configured and highly scalable systems. The product can be optimized for SQL and Oracle databases, VDI, productivity applications and database analytics. This white paper explores why this universal GPU architecture is an intriguing and cost-effective option for CTOs and IT administrators who are planning to rapidly implement hybrid cloud, data center modernization, branch office/edge networking or Kubernetes deployments at scale.

Get the 7-page white paper that provides the detail to assess the solution for yourself, including the new Azure Stack HCI certified system, specifications, cost justification and more.


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