Supermicro celebrates 30 years of business

  • October 2, 2023 | Author: Peter Krass
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Supermicro Inc. is celebrating its 30th year of research, development and manufacturing.

At the company, formed in 1993, some things remain the same. Founder Charles Liang remains Supermicro’s president and CEO. And the company is still based in California’s Silicon Valley.

Of course, in 30 years a lot has also changed, too. For one, AI is now a critical component. And Supermicro, with help from component makers including AMD, is offering a range of solutions designed with AI in mind. Also, Supermicro has stated its intention to be a leader in the newer field of generative AI.

Another recent change is the industry’s focus on “green computing” and sustainability. Here, too, Supermicro has had a vision. The company’s Green IT initiative helps customers lowers data-center TCO, take advantage of recyclable materials, and do more work with lower power requirements.

Another change is just how big Supermicro has grown. Revenue for its most recent fiscal year totaled $7.12 billion, a year-on-year increase of 37%. Looking ahead, Supermicro has told investors it expects an even steeper 47% revenue growth in the current fiscal year, for total revenue of $9.5 billion to $10.5 billion. 

All that growth has also led Supermicro to expand its manufacturing facilities. The company now runs factories in Silicon Valley, Taiwan and the Netherlands, and it has a new facility coming online in Malaysia. All that capacity, the company says, means Supermicro can now deliver more than 4,000 racks a month.

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Industry leaders are joining the celebration.

“Supermicro has been and continues to be my dream work,” CEO Liang wrote in an open letter commemorating the company’s 30th anniversary.

Looking ahead, Liang writes that the company’s latest initiative, dubbed “Supermicro 4.0,” will focus on AI, energy saving, and time to market.

AMD CEO Lisa Su adds, “AMD and Supermicro have a long-standing history of delivering leadership computing solutions. I am extremely proud of the expansive portfolio of data center, edge and AI solutions we have built together, our leadership high-performance computing solutions and our shared commitment to sustainability.”

Happy 30th anniversary, Supermicro!

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