Learn, Earn and Win with AMD Arena

Channel partners can learn about AMD products and technologies at the AMD Arena site. It’s your site for AMD partner training courses, redeemable points and much more.

  • February 23, 2023 | Author: Peter Krass
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Interested in learning more about AMD products while also earning points you can redeem for valuable merch? Then check out the AMD Arena site.

There, you can:

  • Stay current on the latest AMD products with training courses, sales tools, webinars and quizzes;
  • Earn points, unlock levels and secure your place in the leaderboard;
  • Redeem those points for valuable products, experiences and merchandise in the AMD Rewards store.

Registering for AMD Arena is quick, easy and free. Once you’re in, you’ll have an Arena Dashboard as your control center. It’s where you can control your profile, begin a mission, track your progress, and view your collection of badges.

Missions are made of learning objectives that take you through training courses, sales tools, webinars and quizzes. Complete a mission, and you can earn points, badges and chips; unlock levels; and climb the leaderboard.

The more missions you complete, the more rewards you’ll earn. These include points you can redeem for merchandise, experiences and more from the AMD Arena Rewards Store.

Courses galore

Training courses are at the heart of the AMD Arena site. Here are just 3 of the many training courses waiting for you now:

  • AMD EPYC Processor Tool: Leverage the AMD processor-selector and total cost of ownership (TCO) tools to match your customers’ needs with the right AMD EPYC processor.
  • AMD EPYC Processor – Myth Busters: Get help fighting the myths and misconceptions around these powerful CPUs. Then show your data-center customers the way AMD EPYC delivers performance, security and scalability.

Get started

There’s lots more training in AMD Arena, too. The site supports virtually all AMD products across all business segments. So you can learn about both products you already sell as well as new products you’d like to cross-sell in the future.

To learn more, you can take this short training course: Introducing AMD Arena. In just 10 minutes, this course covers how to register for an AMD Arena account, use the Dashboard, complete missions and earn rewards.

Ready to learn, earn and win with AMD Arena? Visit AMD Arena now



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