Gain Business Insights Faster by Building the Right Infrastructure for Performance-Intensive Computing

A white paper from IDC projects a new role for IT leaders in preparing the infrastructure required to properly power performance-intensive computing for enterprise workloads, such as data-driven insights, AI/machine learning, big data, modeling and simulation and more. Get the full white paper to learn best practices and avoid pitfalls when implementing performance-intensive computing infrastructure.

  • September 19, 2022 | Author:
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Organizations use data-driven insights to gain competitive advantage over their rivals. Competitive differentiation is often realized through the delivery of new products and services or enhancements to existing products and services. It can also be achieved by streamlining and optimizing business operations. A data-driven business reduces the time needed to realize business advantage by creating an environment conducive to forming business-differentiating insights.


As a result, IDC projects that a new chapter in the relationship between IT and the business is about to begin. The new phase will push IT further in a strategic direction, increasing its influence on business outcomes.


The trend is expected by IDC to play out over the next four to five years, thrusting IT into a new role implementing a foundational infrastructure designed to foster timely, data-driven insights, at scale. The new infrastructure will be designed to support Performance-Intensive Computing (PIC). Investments in new performance-intensive workloads will be more significant than those used for corporate IT and other business applications.


IDC defines performance-intensive computing as the process of performing large-scale, mathematically intensive computations, commonly used in analytics, machine learning and technical computing — and now increasingly required for artificial intelligence and big data and analytics in the commercial space.


Performance-intensive computing workloads have evolved at an accelerated pace. An overwhelming majority of respondents in IDC's 2021 IT Enterprise Infrastructure Survey agreed that PIC workloads are important or even critically important to their business.


But a general-purpose infrastructure won’t get the job done. Common pitfalls organizations encounter have to do with people, organizational models, business process and access to the technology required to succeed.


Learn the five areas that organizations need to evaluate when planning to develop their PIC infrastructures. What are the common reasons why PIC projects fail? And find out about performance-intensive solutions from Supermicro and AMD.


Get the full IDC white paper: The Power of Now: Gaining Deep and Timely Insights with Performance-Intensive Computing Infrastructure.