Supermicro H13 JumpStart remote access program adds latest AMD EPYC processors

Get remote access to the next generation of AMD-powered servers from Supermicro.

  • July 7, 2023 | Author: Peter Krass
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Supermicro’s H13 JumpStart Remote Access program—which lets you use Supermicro servers before you buy—now includes the latest Supermicro H13 systems powered by 4th gen AMD EPYC 9004 processors.

These include servers using the two new AMD EPYC processor series introduced in June. One, previously codenamed Bergamo, is optimized for cloud-native workloads. The other, previously codenamed Genoa-X, is equipped with AMD 3D V-Cache technology and is optimized for technical computing.

Supermicro’s free H13 JumpStart program lets you and your customers validate, test and benchmark workloads remotely on Supermicro H13 systems powered by these new AMD processors.

The latest Supermicro H13 systems deliver performance and density with some cool technologies. These include AMD EPYC processors with up to 128 “Zen 4c” cores per socket, DDR5 memory, PCIe 5.0, and CXL 1.1 peripherals support.

Those AMD Zen 4c cores are designed for the sweet spot of both density and power efficiency. Compared with AMD’s previous generation (Zen 4), the new design offers substantially improved performance per watt.

Get started

Getting started with Supermicro’s H13 JumpStart program is simple. Just sign up with your name, email and a brief description of what you plan to do with the system.

Next, Supermicro will verify your information and your request. Assuming you qualify, you’ll receive a welcome email from Supermicro, and you’ll be scheduled to gain access to the JumpStart server.

Next, you’ll be given a unique username, password and URL to access your JumpStart account. Then you can run your test, try new features, and benchmark your application.

Once you’re done, Supermicro will ask you to complete a quick survey for your feedback on the program. That’s it.

The H13 JumpStart program now offers 3 server configurations. These include Supermicro’s dual-processor 2U Hyper (AS -2025HS-TNR); single-processor 2U Cloud DC (AS -2015CS-TNR); and single-processor 2U Hyper-U (AS -2115HS-TNR).

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